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On-Screen Keyboard Magic

Utility that controls the behavior of Windows On-Screen Keyboard on the screen and adds many elegant features
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Alexey Morozov
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21 March 2007

Editor's review

On-Screen Keyboard Magic can create magic to your Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard on the screen.
Add many more interesting features to your existing Microsoft on-screen keyboard and enhance the functionalities that it provides you. It is a small tray-based program which does not interrupt any of your system activities while it smoothly enhances its use. You can change the size and transparency of your on-screen keyboard as well as hides the title bar. Just by right-clicking on the mouse you can change the input language on your keyboard. Show and hide the keyboard when you need to by using the wheel mouse button. Also use the left-mouse button by dragging and placing your on-screen keyboard to wherever you like on your screen.
Improve the usability of your on-screen keyboard and control its behavior completely to your advantage.

Publisher's description

On-Screen Keyboard Magic is a utility that controls the behaviour of Microsoft Windows On-Screen Keyboard on the screen and adds many elegant features. On-Screen Keyboard is a utility that displays a virtual keyboard on the screen and allows users with mobility impairments to type data using a pointing device or joystick. On-Screen Keyboard Magic is intended to improve usability and accessibility of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard. On-Screen Keyboard Magic supports the following versions of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard: Windows XP On-Screen Keyboard, Windows 2000 On-Screen Keyboard, Windows 2003 On-Screen Keyboard, Windows Vista On-Screen Keyboard. On-Screen Keyboard Magic is small tray-based program.
With it you can:
1.Change size and transparency of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard.
2.Quick switch input language by right mouse button click on Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard.
3.Hide the title bar of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard.
4.Show and hide Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard by using wheel mouse button.
5.Quick move Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard to mouse cursor position by wheel mouse button double click.
6.Move Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard by dragging any empty point of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard window by Left mouse button.
On-Screen Keyboard Magic
On-Screen Keyboard Magic
Version 1.0
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